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We carry Dolfin, Speedo, TYR, and Penbrooke Lycra and Polyester, also known as Endurance or Durafast, suits. Our sizes range from a Women's size 6 to 26. Come in to see our full selection!


All the essentials you need for your aquatic exercises


Aquatic Equipment Sale

TYR Aquatic Floatation Belt - $19.99

- Featuring high density construction, the Aquatic Belt provides excellent flotation to help maximize your full body workout routines
- The adjustable belt and clip system on this aquatic fitness equipment accommodates various body types and makes for a secure, perfect fit every time
- Constructed with ergonomically designed EVA foam

TYR Aquatic Resistance Belt - $24.99

- Comfortable, stationary swim training device that builds strength and endurance
- With quick drying capabilities, it offers optimum comfort and convenience
- The adjustable belt and clip system on this aquatic fitness equipment accommodates various body types and makes for a secure, perfect fit every time

TYR Aquatic Resistance Dumbbells - $19.99

- Provides flotation and resistance in order to help build upper body strength
- Engineered with EVA foam, it is one of the most lightweight and buoyant aquatic dumbbells on the market
- It is also chlorine resistant and flexible, thanks to its closed cell construction
- This aquatic fitness equipment features easy-to-hold, soft grips, making it ideal for long workouts

TYR Aquatic Resistance Gloves - $19.99

- Perfect for upper body aquatic resistance training
- Constructed with neoprene, these aquatic resistance gloves are durable and designed to retain body heat
- This aquatic fitness equipment features a wrist closure for easy adjustment and a rubber coated palm for a secure, non-slip grip
- Webbed finger panels create better resistance, while exposed fingertips allow for better water feel

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt - $28.00

- Made of soft flexible foam
- Adjustable belt with quick release clip
- Provides support and stability during deep water fitness exercise

S/M: Belt adjusts to fit waist sizes 25"-48"
L/XL: Belt adjusts to fit waist sizes 25"-56"

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells - $24.00

- Provides floatation support while building upper body strength
- Soft padded grips for extended workouts
- Travel easy, lightweight chlorine resistant EVA foam barbells
- Use both barbells for maximum resistance during aquatic fitness activities
- These have 45 pounds of resistance

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbell & Belt Combo - $44.00

- Provides water resistance for building upper body strength
- Includes removable foam pieces for adjustable buoyancy
- Provides support and stability during water fitness exercises
- Belt strap with quick release button
- Fits up to a 56" waist

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves - $23.00

- Neoprene glove with webbed fingers and rubber palm
- Adjustable wrist closure
- Flexible webbing for water resistance training
- Increases propulsion through the water

FINIS Drayland Cords - $32.00

- Resistance workouts are a vital aspect of swim training and conditioning
- The Dryland Cords are made with durable rubber tubing and comfortable handles
- Attaching to an anchor point, the Dryland Cords allow swimmers to train outside the water and simulate swimming movements, building strength and a better range of motion
- The Dryland Cords are appropriate for swimmers of all ages and abilities and come in three different resistances
- The cords are also a great tool to combat injury and maintain strength in the off season
Three Resistance Levels:
Yellow Webbing - Light Resistance
Green Webbing- Medium Resistance
Red Webbing- Heavy Resistance

Watergear Wrist Weights - $20 - $35

- Adds resistance for aqua aerobics or therapy
- Comfortable Lycra covered neoprene jackets
- Comes in 1lb, 2lb, and 3lb weights

Watergear Neoprene Ear Wraps - $5 - $8

- Water Gear Ear Wrap is designed to keep ears warm while playing or swimming in the pool
- The soft neoprene also helps retain body heat to help keep swimmers warm
- Offered in adult and child sizes