Fitting Guide



It's very important that you size your swim suit correctly. In opposition to fashion swimwear, in which appearance and style take a higher priority, fit and comfort level should be two of the most important factors when choosing competitive or "serious" swimwear. You will likely be spending a great amount of time in your swimsuit, as well as requiring strenuous motions of your body when wearing the swimsuit. Because of these facts, it is essential that you acquire a good, comfortable fit. Your racing, or "Team Suit," should fit snug with no visable wrinkles. A proper fitting suit will last longer and create less drag in the water making you go faster. As each body shape is different we strongly suggest that the swimmer tries on the suit to get the proper fit for their body.



Today's swim team swimsuit are built for racing and need proper care.
Competition swimsuits are made of man-made fibers like polyester, Lycra and spandex spun with thin thread and woven at a high thread count to create a smooth surface that glides through water with minimal friction. The fabrics can be as thin as 1/100th the width of a human hair. All are delicate and must be treated with care in the laundry. 

Learn the Pre-rinse
Prerinsing is essential in getting your swimsuit clean. After practice or a meet, rinse off the suit in a sink to remove as much chlorine and body soil as possible.

Hand Wash Alone 
After rinsing out the suit, you must wash it. Plain water does not remove all the body soil or chlorine. Refill the sink with cool water and add just a tablespoon or less of mild liquid detergent or a suit cleaner. Don't use powders because they may not dissolve completely or rinse away well. And, never use bleach. Turn your swimsuit inside out. Swish with your hands for several minutes and then rinse well. Gently squeeze - don't wring - the water out of the fabric. 

Do not put your suit in the washer, even in a mesh bag. The agitation and spinning is too harsh. 

Forget The Heat
Never put a swimsuit in the dryer. High heat causes shrinking and fades colors. 
Spread your suit flat to dry in a spot out of direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can both fade and break down the fibers in your suit. Never iron your suit. If there are wrinkles, dampen the suit and they will fall out. Be sure your suit is completely dry before storing.

Follow these simple steps to maximize the life of your suit.